About Measure B

Be there for your libraries! Vote yes on Measure B to preserve our library services and improve them for all Sacramento city residents. Measure B augments the existing city parcel tax by just one dollar per month and requires independent yearly audits to protect tax payers. Measure B requires that all funds be spent exclusively for local library services within the City of Sacramento. Just one dollar per month ($12/year) will maintain our vital library services for all city residents.

Measure B is needed to:

  • Keep three new libraries operating
  • Provide for the increased demand for on-line services
  • Ensure that all libraries stay open evenings and weekends so people can actually use our libraries
  • Maintain the library’s after-school homework and reading programs for our school children and story time for preschoolers
  • Provide quality books, library materials, and free children’s programs
  • Protect library operating hours and 24/7 online access to library resources
  • Preserve library services for seniors and families who are trying to improve their lives
  • Allow people who don’t have computers at home access to the internet
  • Continue to make quality library materials, programs, and services available at all libraries.

City of Sacramento residents have always cared about their libraries. Our 12 city libraries improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. They offer a safe place for children to learn and study, and they provide information and enrichment to people of all ages. To maintain our hours of operation, online access, quality books and library materials, children’s programs and more, please vote yes on Measure B!

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